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What a difference appreciation makes

Doctors, nurses...they're people too.

It's a small gift, but sent with sincerity it makes a huge difference to the recipient. With a note of thanks from a grateful sender a simple tea bag holds a lot of power. We want to help you to say thank you, and in turn help restore some of the goodwill that has been lost in the Health service in recent times. The fabric of the HS that runs on this special ingredient, 'goodwill' has slowly been eroded away with soul destroying contract negotiations and attacks on the character of the professionals in the NHS. Help to put this piece of the puzzle back by contributing to  send NHS professionals some brew bags,send them, tea, coffee or hot chocolate if you really want to treat them. Help to keep them going. Doctors have to pay for their own tea, so it will certainly be appreciated. Supplies can run out. And frankly this tea and coffee is for a special thank you from you, so it is some of the best out there. Hot drink love are providing it at cost to help spread the word and appreciation for the work of the NHS medical professionals. Doctors are lucky if they have time for a tea break, yet let's also help raise awareness and insist they take time to recharge. If they keep on going without a break, then there is more of a chance to make a mistake. Let's look after our medical professionals, and show them we care with a simple gift of brew bags sent with love. 

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