• Say thanks with a gift of a brew.

    NHSiTea makes it easy for your to share your appreciation for the work of NHS professionals. Help fill in the missing link in the puzzle, appreciation.


    At NHSiTea you can show your appreciation, and learn about some of the issues facing this

    dedicated public service.


    NHSitea will be discussing and reporting on the big issues. But most importantly, helping show appreciation for the professionals that work in the NHS. If you want to say thanks, we'll be helping you to post a message, or send a small thank you gift of tea, coffee and the occasional treat.


  • Saying thanks

    The NHS

    Saying thank you

    Send a brew, to say thank you.

    People do amazing things in the NHS every day. It can be difficult to show your appreciation. We want to make it easier.

    Discussing the big issues in the NHS

    Something this important​ is worth talking about

    There is a lot of hype around the NHS and the issues it faces. We try and get underneath the issues to have an open debate on the challenges and possible solutions.

    Sending a gift of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

    It will be for them to brew in their own time. 

    Say thank you for being there. It can be prompted for something that you are grateful for for, or it can be a random act of giving to those that keep the NHS going. Let those who are there for us, know they're appreciated with one of the UK's favourites, a hot drink.

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    It's a small gift, but sent with sincerity it makes a huge difference to the recipient. With a note of thanks from a grateful sender a simple tea bag holds a lot of power. We want to help you to say thank you, and in turn help restore some of the goodwill that has been lost in the Health service...
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    NHSiTea is a not for profit.

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